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If I have insurance, why do I still owe money?

Dental Insurance in Fairfax, VAWondering why you are still being billed if your dentist accepts your insurance? Well, the answer is both simple and complex. Dental insurance companies rarely pay for 100% of the bill. As soon as a treatment or procedure is scheduled, your dentist and his or her staff will begin working with your dental insurance company in order to verify what benefits you quality for and which ones you don't. Those benefits which are covered by your insurance company will be billed to them, and then the rest will be billed to you.

Some dental insurance plans also cover a co-pay which will help reduce additional expenses and fees. This is why it's important to review what all your plan covers and what is doesn't. Knowing this beforehand can help prepare you (and your wallet) so you won't be surprised or overwhelmed once you receive your final bill. Since billing for dental procedures and treatments can be confusing at times, the staff at your dentist's office should be able to assist you in coming up with an estimate. While an estimate can give you an idea of what you might be paying out-of-pocket, you should consider that added costs may arise depending on the difficulty of the procedure and other issues that are unforeseen.

The best way to avoid being shocked by your bill is to discuss your benefits with your insurance company and with your dentist before having the procedure or treatment performed. Knowing what all you are covered for upfront will give you peace of mind and help you better understand how billing is handled. You may also want to speak with your dentist about payment plans offered and the forms of payment that are accepted. Most dentists will accept cash, credit cards, debit cards or checks, but it's always a good idea to ask.

If you have a question about dental insurance, give our Fairfax Dentist a call and our insurance specialists will guide you through what is covered.  Remember that most insurances will not carry over to the new year, so now is a great time to schedule your comfortable and convenient appointment in our Fairfax dental office.  We also have dental offices in South Riding, VA.  Contact us today!

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