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Should I brush if I have braces?

braces in south riding vaWearing braces can be a challenge to some people, not just in the discomfort one might face, but also in the oral cleansing. Don't you hate it when vegetables always get stuck between brackets??

It takes motivation. In order to obtain great smiles, you gotta put in that extra effort to keep the teeth in tip top hygiene condition. In this article we will look into the proper ways to clean teeth and how even in wearing braces, oral hygiene can be well done. Those wearing orthodontic devices will know how difficult oral hygiene routine can be because plaque and food particles can adhere to the brackets and teeth.

As with the millions of people with braces, you may use a 'soft' or 'ultra soft' toothbrush. Brush your teeth with a gentle hand and brush like you used to without the braces. Take a closer look in the mirror to make sure no debris are left in between those brackets.

Taking a good look in the mirror is helpful to maneuver your toothbrush so as to remove as much as soft deposits that you see on your teeth and the braces. For those difficult areas in between the braces wire and the teeth, you can use an interdental brush.

Before you brush, rinse with water first. This can help loosen any food lodged in and around the braces. When you're ready to clean, use an ADA-accepted fluoride toothpaste and start by brushing at the gumline at a 45-degree angle. After cleaning the gum line, place the toothbrush on top of the brackets, angling down to brush on top of each bracket. Then, reposition the toothbrush to brush the bottom of the bracket and the wire, angling the toothbrush up. Go slowly. Make sure to brush every tooth at the gum line as well as above and below the brackets. This will ensure you'll reach the majority of the tooth's surface and help to remove plaque and food debris.

Nowadays, even kids who are old enough to brush on their own may require some form of assistance until they are comfortable properly angling the toothbrush and have learned how to brush their teeth with braces. There are many instructional videos out there to educate by providing useful tips. Just type in"brushing with braces" or something like that in YouTube, you'll find some innovative tools and techniques to level up your oral hygiene, all the while with the braces on.

If you have questions about braces or dental hygiene, give our dental office in South Riding, VA a call today.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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