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Are You Interested in Invisalign?

Having straight teeth is a sign of beauty and health. It's an enviable quality, especially for adults. Straight white teeth help give you that million-dollar smile for any interview, date, or selfie. At Pender Dental Care in Fairfax and South Riding, VA, Drs. Jennifer Kim and Kelly Peaks provide patients with Invisalign to turn hopeful wishing into a reality.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign from your Fairfax dentist is clear flexible trays that straighten your teeth over the course of about nine months. While that time may vary depending on one person to another, nine months is the average time it takes. The custom trays are made using software called CAD/CAM. The software creates a series of trays that are swapped out every two weeks.

Invisalign works similarly to traditional braces in that it nudges teeth into their proper position. The best part of this whole process is it's done discreetly. No one will even know you're wearing braces.

The important thing about them though, is you need to make sure you wear them at least 22 hours a day. Take them out only to eat, and while brushing and flossing. If you don't adhere to this, you risk prolonging the treatment time.

What are the advantages of getting Invisalign?

Your Fairfax and South Riding VA dentist can give you a whole list of benefits but here are three simple reasons to choose Invisalign:

  • The flexible material is less irritable to soft tissue, so it's comfortable to wear.
  • The aligners can be used as a nightguard if you have a tooth grinding or clenching issue.
  • The aligners are clear so it won't make you self-conscious.

Do you need a consultation?

If you want to learn more about Invisalign and what good it can do you, don't hesitate to call Drs. Jennifer Kim and Kelly Peaks at Pender Dental Care. You can reach them at either of their office locations in Virginia:

Fairfax: (703) 865-6880

South Riding: (703) 327-2424

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