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The dentist you choose to enhance your smile can make all the difference in the results you attain. Experience, dedication, and skill all matter, but it also takes an artistic eye to create a smile that perfectly complements a person's facial features and personality. Dr. Jennifer C. Kim is recognized throughout the nation by peers and patients alike as a leading clinician in cosmetic dentistry. 

Dr. Kim was voted as America’s Top Dentist. She stays at the forefront of dental technique and technology in order to deliver to her patients the best that dentistry has to offer. For Dr Kim, dentistry is a passion and represents a lifelong commitment to her patients. 
Education and Experience

Dr. Kim has been interested in the field of dentistry since childhood, when she was inspired by her family dentist who had treated all her family members in Orlando, Florida. She saw how much quality dental care improved people's lives and knew she wanted to become a dentist and open her own practice one day. In 1999, she earned a Doctor of Dental Medicine with the highest honor from University of Florida College of Dentistry.

Her enthusiasm and commitments to stay at the forefront of dental technique and technology motivated her to participate in vast numbers of continuing education courses over the course of her dental career. Over the years, Dr. Kim has enhanced the smiles of many people just like you. She has also enhanced the smiles of musicians, public officials, and everyday people who just want to look and feel their best. 

Community Involvement

Dr. Kim enjoys giving back to the community and has been involved with many charitable projects during the years. She has volunteered her cosmetic dentist services for MOM’s Projects through Virginia Dental Association. Whenever she can, she also likes to volunteer at the Community Dental Clinics to provide and give back to underserved population.

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Dr. Kim and her team look forward to giving you a truly enjoyable dental experience and helping you enhance your smile and improve your life. Contact us at (703) 865-6880 for Fairfax, or (703) 327-2424 for South Riding and learn about how our dental spa atmosphere will make your visit to the dentist’s office the most pleasant and stress-free you’ve ever had!

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